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the WebSiteOwnersGuideBook is brought to you by the good people at OpenFaceSystems.com, a web design and digital marketing company. If you have digital marketing needs that you don't feel comfortable doing even with these do-it-yourself guidelines, please contact them. Thanks for your attention.

There are very few truly introductory sites about why you should have a website, what it should be doing for your business, and the various options available including where to start.

Whether you are just thinking about having a website, in the process of creating one or, you are a veteran site owner, this is an educational site for everyone.

Since the average small business owner usually does not have the time to gain a thorough understanding of what it takes to get from "I need a company website" to "Visit our newly launched website", we aim to help remove some of the mystery.

That's what we're here for. No high-pressure sales pitches, no hidden agenda.