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Over the years we've helped a hundreds of businesses with getting their message out on the Web. We see three broad levels of communication and involvement.

1) Web Presence By this, we mean that someone can at least find your organization on the web. It may be through a Facebook Page, Google Business Listing, an eBay or Etsy selling page. At least you're out there in a minimal fashion. The good thing about this is it's very low cost and low risk. It enables the business owners to gauge the level of interest internet users have in their products or services.

2) Web Identity This involves getting your own website under your own name. It involves starting to build the brand not just of the company but of your company's location on the Internet. It means getting a domain name and building a site that informs people about your organization.

3) Web Business This is the transformative step. It means actually starting to make the website an integral part of your business, not just a brochure for people to look at.

The analogy is the classic crawl-walk-run one.

crawlingwalkingrunning   Web Presence is crawl, Web Identity is walk and Web Business is run.


Which of these three levels describes your organization's use of the Internet?

At which level do you want to be?

What's your next step to get there?

Schedule time to take that next step in the next five business days.