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Should My Domain Name end in .com? .org? .co? What's the deal?

The last part of your domain name is called the Top Level Domain (TLD). Some of the original domain names were:

  • .com for US-based for-profit companies
  • .net for network providers (Internet Service Providers)
  • .org for US-based non-profit organizations
  • .edu for US-based accredited post-secondary educational institutions
  • .gov for US-based governmental institutions

and a few others. Also, each country has a TLD that's their two-letter international abbreviation, such as:


  • .ca for Canada
  • .uk for the United Kingdom
  • .ru for Russia
  • .cn for China

What about .co? Some say it's the next .com. Well, .co actually tells the world you're an organization in Columbia, South America. Just as .tv tells the world you're in Tuvalu in Polynesia.

What about these new TLDs?

In the past, there were new TLDs introduced like .biz and .info. These didn't gain traction. There's a lot of new TLDs recently, see the official list, but I don't think I've ever actually visited but one or two sites from the new TLDs. I don't think they've captured mindshare yet, and most that I've seen are rather expensive, like about $50 per year as compared to .com domains that are more like $15 per year.

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