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Do Websites Help Small Business?

Please see our latest video, in which we answer the question "Do Websites Help Small Business" with two concrete ways they do. 

See the transcript and more info below:


do websites help small business?


Recent statistics show that 2 in 5 small businesses don’t have websites.


Almost half those that don’t say their business doesn’t need a website or will never need one.


In this brief video I’ll make the case that a website will help any small business.


The first way websites help small businesses is: findability. A website helps people find your business.


Statistics say 97% of consumers search online for products and services.


Over 80% research a product online before buying. This is checking reviews, testimonials, etc. Really digging in.


Before the internet findability was done via Yellow Pages advertising. Not any more. Yellow pages just pile up unread.


If your business isn’t online, then people who search online, which is just about everybody, won’t be able to find you. Period.


At, we talk about three phases of getting businesses online: Web presence, web identity and web business.


The first step, web presence, is about just getting your name out there somewhere. Social media is great for that. The next step is web identity, where you carve out your corner of the Internet. You have a domain name, and your own website. The last is web business, where part of your business is actually conducted via your website.


Some small business owners think web presence, or social media is enough. “We have a facebook page, that’s all we need.”


There’s a couple of things you need to understand about Facebook pages. They’re great at building brand, increasing loyalty and making money…. For Facebook.


Why not just stick with a social media presence?

We saw the first way websites help small businesses was findability. The second way is control. On social media you’re just a squatter on someone else’s property. You have no rights. Think I’m wrong? Read the terms and conditions of your favorite social media site and see what they actually commit to doing for you. Not much.


A prime example is the facebook page of Social Media Examiner. On Sunday afternoon, November 8th, 2015, it just went away. Poof! No explanation, no warning. Just gone. Their facebook page had 380,000 likes. Years of marketing and effort had gone into it. Vanished in the blink of an eye. Eventually they got it back, but not without pulling a lot of strings. If it happened to them, it could happen to you. Now suppose your business’s facebook page with its 500 likes goes away. What would you do? Call the Facebook customer service number? Guess what? There isn’t one. You’d be stuck.


So if your business has just a facebook page, then all your eggs are in one basket, and somebody else owns that basket. You need control of your own online media.


Not only don’t you control if your facebook page shows up or not, you have no control over what’s on facebook alongside your content. For example, I searched Facebook for Vistaprint, the online printing company. What was just to the right of their facebook posts? An ad for their competitor, Do you really want to do your primary communication done by a website that advertises your competitors to your prospects? Not good business. By the way, I’m picking on Facebook here, YouTube does the same thing.


How do websites help small businesses? We’ve seen two ways: they enable people to find your business and they give you, the small business owner, control over what those people see when they find you.


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