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One of the easiest ways to get a web presence is to set up a Facebook page. There are two types of Facebook pages: 

Profiles: These are for individuals. You do NOT want one of these for your business. This is the type of page that gets created when you sign up for Facebook. People become connected with other people's profiles by becoming friends. 

 Pages: This is what you want for your business. People become related to a page by liking it. See Facebook's starting point for creating one. But don't think that if you post something to your page that everybody who has liked your page will automatically see it. Only about 16% of the people who have liked your page will actually see your post on their pages. 

Previously, you've been able to offer people rewards for liking your page: a discount coupon, or special deal. This was called "like-gating": they had to go through the gateway of liking your page to get the reward. Facebook has recently told page owners that this will no longer be allowed. They want users to "like" your page because they actually like it.  

See the WebSiteOwnersGuideBook Facebook Page as an exmaple.


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