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Google My Business

This is a free service for local businesses provided by Google. The service has evolved over the years and gone by various names: Google Places, Google+ for Business, etc. The current name is Google My Business. In the past, it worked best for businesses that had only one location, but Google is working on that. When you sign up now, you have your choice of Storefront, Service Area or Brand. Storefront is a traditional brick-and-mortor business with one location. A Service Area is a business that goes to customers, rather than customers coming to it. Think plumber, caterer, pizza delivery, taxi, etc. A Brand is a regional or national product or service available at many locaitons. Examples would be a soft drink, a sports team, a phone carrier.


Google My Business has a fairly straightforward interface, click on the 'edit' buttons and you can change almost anything. One wrinkle for local businesses is that Google will verify your business address by mailing you a postcard with a verification code on it. It seems almost quaint to have a procedure like that. Once verified, you have access to a number of excellent Google tools: AdWords Express, Reviews, Insights, YouTube, etc.

See OpenFace Systems' Page as an example.

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