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Twitter is sometimes called a micro-blog. The premise of twitter is to post or information from the web or a smartphone app via text message, sometimes called SMS. The limitation on text messages is that the message has to be less than 140 characters, thus twitter posts (called tweets) have that same limitation. How deep a tho ought or detailed a message can be conveyed in a mere 140 characters? Clearly not much. Twitter is good for short, timely posts. A good example woud be a local restaurant that has specials of the day. The restaurant owner could tweet his lunch special each day about ten or eleven o'clock to advertise and get people thinking about coming by.


The signup process for twitter is fairly simple. You give your fullname, email address and password. You then select a user name by which you'll be known. People will refer to you by preceeding your username with the @ sign. For example, I'm know as @iblamm. The @ sign denotes that the word that follows is somebody's username. People talk about various topics on twitter. Threads of conversation about these topics are held together by hashtags. A hashtag is the # symbol (call it number, pound, sharp or hash) followed by the topic. For instance, my wife and I enjoy the singing talent show The Voice on NBC. People who want to tweet about that program include #TheVoice in their tweet. When you log into twitter, the lower left-hand column of your page will show hashtags (topics) that are popular right now. You can then search for those topics and join the conversation.

If you find someone whose tweets tend to be relevant or enjoyable to you, you can follow them and their tweets will appear on you twitter page. Similarly, other people can follow your tweets. If you like a particular tweet, you can tap the favorite star beside it and they'll know you liked it. If you find a tweet that you think your followers would find particularly germaine, you can re-tweet it to them.

All this is fairly succently summarized on the Twitter Glossary page.

So who does marketing via Twitter work for? A number of entertainers have found success on Twitter. A number have re-kindled their careers as well. A very popular twitter personality is @GeorgeTakei who played Lt. Sulu on the original Star Trek series. He has over 1.3Million followers as of this writing. How can businesses use Twitter? To get the word out about their products and solicit quick responses from their followers. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream ran a TV and Twitter campaign to ask for new ice cream flavor ideas.

For an example, see My Twitter Feed


Do you have ideas or content that would be good to get to your business family quickly? e.g. daily specials, weather advisories, legislative updates?

Do your constitutants have access to their cell phone through most of the day?

If both of these answers are Yes, then set up a twitter account this week and begin to advertise it. Send at least one tweet a day for a month. See if you get any reaction.


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