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Blogger is a free blogging website provided by Google. It enables almost anyone to create a blog easily. To their credit, Google uses Blogger for their Official Blog. Your blog will have a web address something like The name of the service is Blogger, but the website will have the url There aren't a whole lot of options in blogger as far as extra functionality or graphical options within Blogger itself, but there are a number of free Blogger templates or themes that you can install in Blogger to give your blog a distinctive look. 

To get started, you need a Google account. It's free and easy to set up. Go to and click on Sign In. At the bottom of the page you'll see a link to Create an Account. You'll need to supply your first and last name, choose a user name and password. Then enter your birthdate, gender, current email address and mobile phone number and country. You'll also have to solve a captcha: type in the fuzzy words or numbers to prove that you're a real person and not a program. As with most services, you'll also have to check the checkbox that says that you agree to the terms of service. I'm sure you read them as carefully as I.


Once you're logged in, you can go to and create a new blog. You'll need to pick the first part of the web address of your blog, so it'll be You might have to try several names before you find a name that's available, as there are literally millions of blogger blogs out there. Once you choose a name and web address, you're ready to blog. You can choose a template, or starting look for your blog. You don't have to worry too much about the layout of the blog or the color scheme, as you can change it later.

Each entry on your blog is called a post, as with most other blogging programs. The toolbar at the top of the post is for formatting the text, inserting images, etc. My advice on text formatting is: go easy. Don't mess with the fonts or colors.

The most important thing about having a blog is to actually write in it. To me, one of the most embarassing things in the world it to go to a site's blog and the most recent entry is over six months ago. 

Please see our example Blogger blog.

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